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ICM has been accompanying multinationals in their expansion in China for 15 years. ICM contributes to the success of their joint-ventures, acquisitions or alliances. Recently, ICM has actively involved in the M&A post-merger integration management for several big Chinese groups after their acquisitions in Europe, America and Africa.






ICM team has been following up the integration process of Sinopec-Addax Petroleum (China’s biggest overseas acquisition, transaction amount 9 billion $, 5 entities in 5 countries) through two tools: culture diagnostic surveys and cross cultural seminars. The surveys provide a fully analyzed result of the integration, which helps set up a communication plan and an action plan. Cross cultural seminars bridge the differences between national, corporate and functional cultures (between departments).

ICM China has also followed several European multinationals’ post-acquisition integration process in China, for example Steelcase-Ultra (a Chinese furniture company acquired by a British group), Arcelor China (a steel joint-venture owned by France/China/Japan), and EDF China (a Sino-French nuclear joint-venture).

ICM is currently responsible for several multinationals’ executive training program focused on China such as, among many others, PricewaterhouseCoopers Europe, automobile group Faurecia, aeronautic group Safran and e-commerce group Redcats, etc. She helps Western managers understand the Chinese cultural, social and business environments, and how to negotiate and work with the Chinese. In this respect, ICM offers tailored consulting services to companies that do business in China.


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