Canh Tran

Canh Tran, of Chinese and Vietnamese origin, currently resides in Beijing where he supports ICM business development in China. Before moving to China he helped establish the first European Vietnamese bank (Group Suez) in France.

Canh’s professional involvement in the textile and telecommunication industries in China adds concrete business experience to his consulting competence in assisting Western companies integrate the Chinese market more effectively. Canh has led change management seminars and run a highly successful process for handing senior leadership over to Chinese managers for a large energy company. Canh has coached senior executives on managing their development in China.

In 1998, Canh conducted a survey with ICM entitled Locating in China: Factors of Success and Failure and then published several articles on this subject. Canh regularly speaks at management conferences on culture bridging across Western-Chinese business practices and presented the survey to French and German Chambers of Commerce in Europe and Asia.

Canh has been on ICM teams with clients in Asia and Europe including Hewlett-Packard, EDF, Rexam, Global One, Rhodia, Schneider, Solvay and UCB.

Canh has a Masters Degree in Public Law, with a specialisation in International Law. He works in English and French and speaks Mandarin.


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