Gilles Dacquet

Gilles Dacquet supports senior executive teams and managers implement cultural transformation in order to respond successfully to new strategic priorities.

After acquiring an initial business background in a French business school, Gilles gained significant international experience living in the USA, the UK and Nigeria and working in various fields: entertainment ,  retail, finance and the public sector with the management of the Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce.

Gilles then  joined a Swiss-based company specialized in leadership training. Starting as a junior consultant he then specialized in sales optimization. In 1998, he joined an American consulting firm as the country general manager of the French affiliate and Southern Europe. In 2005, Gilles shifted to global strategic marketing, managing client relationships for top European companies and coordinating actions with consultants in North America, South America and Asia.

Gilles joined ICM Associates as a partner in March 2010 after over twenty years of consulting experience in change management; leadership and talent management. He has written numerous articles on leadership, performance management and talent management. Gilles has also given presentations on the motivation and trust factors in companies.

Gilles works in French and English.


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