Sheila Smertnik

Sheila Smertnik, Canadian and French, has been a contributor to ICM Associates since 1988. She holds degrees in Economics (BA) and Business (MBA) from Canadian ( Queens and Mc Gill Universities ) and French( HEC) institutions of higher learning.

Sheila has managed teams with cross-cultural contexts in both Company/Employee and Customer/Supplier relationships. She has been on the management teams of French, American, German, and Japanese automotive / industrial firms .She has been deeply involved in companies’ organisation and processes during periods of transformation such as mergers, acquisitions, divestments, or process re-engineering . As a manager of teams of up to 60 people , she has been very active in on the job coaching for different categories of manager, on a group or individual basis.

She also has wide training experience. She has taught on the baccalaureate level , and has conducted continued education sessions , notably in Africa .She has been involved in in-house corporate training in Germany, the Netherlands and France on such subjects as team building, intercultural awareness, sales performance and behaviour Sheila has gained a truly international perspective , having worked extensively in a large number of countries in Africa, Asia , the Americas , and Europe .She has lived in 9 different countries.

Sheila has worked with ICM Associates on cultural diagnostics and action plans, notably for Volvo Trucks post acquisition of Renault and Mack trucks, on intercultural French-Japanese training, and on international executive coaching Sheila is also a Conseiller de Commerce Exterieur for France, and in this context has given guest lectures in French universities on business and intercultural subjects.


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