Zoé Delapalme

Zoé Delapalme has been a management consultant and trainer for 5 years. For 15 years before that she held executive positions in finance, managing sales and project teams. During those years Zoé always worked in large corporations (Citibank, CPR, Axa IM) with stretch objectives and transversal responsibilities. She was an expatriate in Asia (1995-1998) and then in North America (2005), which has given her the opportunity to develop competence in working in culturally diverse environments.

Since 2006, Zoé has worked in partnerships with consulting and coaching firms in her field of expertise: building and facilitating individual as well as collective work in the context of change processes. Zoé proposes different approaches to communication and management and facilitates the emergence of a collective vision all team members can buy into. She enables her clients to share understanding of their context, identify points of resistance and develop acceptance of change. She has led change management interventions in companies of different sectors (banks, innovative industries, consumer goods, medias and broadcasting) and developed expertise coaching individual managers and teams with different organizational roles (commercial, creative, back office and IT).

Zoé holds a Master in Management (University of Paris IX Dauphine). She was certified as a coach by Vincent Lenhardt (Transformance) in 2006 and has also completed the programs Interpersonal Communication (Thomas Gordon); The Human Element phase1 (William Schutz); and IOS (solutions driven interventions).


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