Cultural Audit (CBF©)

The Cultural Bridging Fundamentals (CBF©) diagnostic process is a tool developed by ICM. It allows companies to pinpoint gaps and similarities between the corporate cultures of two or more organizations in order to reduce the cycle time of post-merger integration. What is true for integration is also true for cultural change. The company can measure the gap that separates its current culture from its target culture that responds to the changes in its environment. It also allows a company undergoing rapid and profound change to monitor its own cultural transformation.

The CBF© methodology involves:

ICM then holds a working meeting with the senior team where they review the data and make decisions about how to move forward. This process can be downwardly applied to individual teams, functions, or BUs, according to the terms chosen by the executive team.

Client reference for the CBF©: Air-France / KLM; Aventis Pasteur; Volvo Trucks; EADS Telecom


Our reference book

ICM Associates Reference Book Successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures

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The Blind Spot of Compliance

by on Wednesday the 13th of January 2016

When I open the paper, here’s what I read: Volkswagen is surreptitiously warming the planet. HSBC is laundering money from dubious sources. Servier is making money off of a health risk. The Carlton offers room service that goes way beyond the mini-bar. A minister, self-styled tax-avoiding Savanarola, proves to be overly fond of Swiss and […]

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