Employee Engagement Index

Research shows that engaged and motivated employees are loyal to their organization and willing to go the extra mile when necessary. Ensuring both a corporate culture and working environment that create a committed workforce is a key aspect of leadership.

ICM’s Employee Engagement Index hinges on four elements that reflect employees’ degree of commitment and shows organizations how employees fall into one of the four following categories of Engagement:

Using ICM’s extensive database, ICM diagnostic tools are customized to a company’s specific internal and business issues. They are validated statistically based on a database of several thousand questionnaires.

Questionnaires and report formats are developed to facilitate a “next-step” process to transform data into action.

This way, these diagnostic tools contribute to creating a sense of belonging among staff.

The evaluations are web-based, anonymous and confidential.


Our reference book

ICM Associates Reference Book Successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures

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The Blind Spot of Compliance

by on Wednesday the 13th of January 2016

When I open the paper, here’s what I read: Volkswagen is surreptitiously warming the planet. HSBC is laundering money from dubious sources. Servier is making money off of a health risk. The Carlton offers room service that goes way beyond the mini-bar. A minister, self-styled tax-avoiding Savanarola, proves to be overly fond of Swiss and […]

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