Post-merger Integration Process

ICM’s post merger integration process will help you shorten the integration cycle and accelerate your ability to generate value from your mergers and acquisitions. We adapt the overall range of our offer to the specific situation and context of our client.

The following overview will give you an idea of the support ICM can offer.

1. Pre-acquisition Phase

This period, sometimes quite drawn out due to legal or contextual reasons, is a difficult period for the teams involved. How do we manage to communicate when there’s no information to communicate about? How do we prepare the first interactions? How do we manage the stress levels in this period of uncertainty? How do we anticipate the “cultural shocks” that we might have to face after the acquisition.

In this phase, ICM can accompany you in:

2. Designing and launching the Integration Plan

Once the closing is completed, it’s time to drive and lead the integration process. Questions at this moment include: How do we design and manage this common project? What processes do we put in place to lead the integration? How do we who will take which role? How do we develop new processes? How do we “sell” the project internally in order to mobilize energy and enthusiasm? What specific roles do we define for communication and HR in this process?

– Intranet Forum: create an Internet Web site on the integration program that allows people to get to know one another, facilitates information-sharing and provides a forum for FAQ’s and on-going updates on successes and quick wins.

– Integration barometer: to monitor progress on the integration process and the degree to which real behavioral changes are taking place.


Our reference book

ICM Associates Reference Book Successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures

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