Managing a global function

Global Functional Team Excellence©

ICM’s program “Managing a Global Function” allows leaders of international functions to hone their skills for more effectiveness in working transversally, remotely, internationally and in cooperation with the operational entities. This participative program can bring together the key members of a global function or else address leaders of different global functions who share the same challenges. In the first case ICM stresses the action learning aspect of the program. In the second, we focus more on skill building and peer support.

The program is based on ICM’s model of Global Functional Team Excellence(c). Leaders are asked to analyze the critical features of their business environment; they acquire tools to manage some of their key challenges; and they strengthen their skills in the behaviors that will help them lead their teams successfully.

The ICM approach is a 3-step process

Step 1: Diagnostic

Step 2: Global Functional Team Excellence © Seminar

A 2-day seminar with leaders of different global functions or with intact global functional teams. The program covers sharing the diagnostic followed by the key aspects of successful global functional management, which include how to:

Optional – Step 3: continuous improvement


Our reference book

ICM Associates Reference Book Successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures

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Rebound—or the Joys of Failure

by on Tuesday the 8th of March 2016

In a minute or two of trawling around LinkedIn you will be amazed at the great men who all sing the praises of failure: from Churchill to Michael Jordan; from Kennedy to Henry Ford; from James Joyce to Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand, you won’t read much about Joe Dorn, a baker in Pocatello, […]

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