Diversity Management Program

With an increasingly diverse workforce, a “one style fits all” solution in people management no longer works. To attract the best people and gain in creativity and productivity, organizations need to promote a corporate culture in which a diverse mix of experiences, skills, knowledge and working approaches are valued and nurtured. Diversity management requires the competence and capability to navigate the diverse and complex environments in which organizations operate.

ICM approach is a 6–step process:

  1. Raising awareness: identify the key internal levers which block or support diversity in the organization, including demographic data and information on turn-over.
  2. Diversity Labs: facilitate groups that address the issues identified in the previous step and propose concrete recommendations in key areas where Diversity bring added value, such as recruitment criteria, talent management, evaluation process, corporate branding, leadership skills, etc.. Confirm the values and define the leadership / management profiles that best support Diversity.
  3. Establish a Steering Committee under the sponsorship of the Executive committee to review decisions and design an implementation planning on the basis of these proposals.
  4. Build a Champion Network to support the Diversity Initiatives: engage credible leaders from different origins within the organization an put them in charge of promoting the Diversity Labs’ initiatives.
  5. Train managers in order to develop the skills and abilities to draw on diverse talents and working styles in the best possible way (CBS ©).
  6. Measure progress: use an on-line questionnaire and monitor implementation of the Diversity initiatives; communicate the results and build on quick wins.


Our reference book

ICM Associates Reference Book Successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures

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